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Guide for online gambling in Canada

This Gambling Guide is meant for newer players who want to know more about online gambling quickly. However, Gambling Guide is still useful to more advanced users because there is always a new trick or game out there waiting for you to try. In this guide, there will be necessary explanations of multiple different ways to play; there will also be explanations of the basic concepts of online gambling like RTP and casino starter bonuses. The reader of this guide will learn a tremendous amount of useful information rather quickly, and this guide will prove itself useful to seasoned gamers too.

Can I play online for free?

It is possible to play games online for free. This is true in two forms: evaluation purposes and starter bonus. The evaluation version of the game uses play money and can be played for fun without risk or to check a game out. Starter bonuses are free gifts given by casinos to new users. It is possible to win with the free money and then take the money out of the casino. This usually needs extreme luck because the cycling requirements are harsh with free money.

Can people cheat when playing in online casinos?

It is really uncommon for cheating to be possible. The only way to ‘cheat’ with games online is using bots or advisors for online poker or other classic table games. In slots, cheating is nonexistent and made impossible years ago. In betting, you could cheat if you could rig a match, but that is really out of the realm of possibility for the normal player.

Customer Support And Security

Gambling Guide will never be complete without addressing the security of online games involving money. Online gambling is usually very safe and trustworthy, as online casinos are heavily moderated by different instances. It is still advisable to steer away from sketchy small casinos that have not existed for very long. These could just be newcomers, but legit rookies usually have some kind of certificate or authority from an impartial outside entity. Another way you can feel secure about a casino is their customer support. If there is no support, the site might not be as safe as it should be. Canada also has its own certificate system for casinos, and these approved casinos are confirmed and safe.

Can new casinos be trusted?

New casinos can usually be trusted if they have been approved by some of the major industry authorities moderating online slots, for example, eCorga. In addition to this, new casinos that are introductory or look outdated might be a scam attempt. If the casino looks ok and has the newest games, it is probably legit, as the companies creating the games do not like that their games are used for scamming.

How can I avoid rogue casinos?

Most easily this can be achieved with using only casinos with a well-known name. The popular casinos are always rather fair and secure. Multiple instances also rate and review casinos for impartiality and safety. This makes it very easy to use a search engine and check the casino before playing. Usually, fraudulent casinos vanish quickly because no one gives them positive ratings.

Beginner’s Questions

Where can I find Casino Reviews?

Casino reviews can be found everywhere on the internet, even on this site. Reviews are usually worth a read, especially when feeling unsure about the casino, or comparing two competing casinos. It can be a rather valuable use of time to find out that other casino has a higher RTP on all games or has a better start bonus. Start bonus is usually easily misleading, and this is often mentioned in the reviews.


Deposits and withdrawals are very critical when playing and therefore they must be talked about in a gambling guide. Most big casinos accept a wide array of methods for both directions of transacting. The most basic of the common methods is a bank transfer. This method has existed for a really long time. The most used is probably a credit card transaction. Most casinos also accept the likes of Skrill and Neteller. Paysafecard is also usually an option.

Are there fees for deposits or withdrawals?

Usually, there are some small fees if the casino has to pay something for the use of the payment option. These fees are usually small like 1 dollar or 3 percent. In most cases, there is also an option without fees. This is usually true with Skrill, Neteller and Wire Transfer. Mostly casinos prefer options without fees. Sometimes there is a fee for quick withdraw.

How do I collect my casino winnings?

There is often multiple options for withdrawing winnings from a casino. Usually, most of the deposit methods can be used for withdrawing too. This makes the process streamlined and easy for the player to enjoy his/her winnings. Withdrawing usually takes a couple of days with some casinos offering quick withdraw for a nominal fee. Withdrawing is usually a relatively easy process.


  • RTP: Return to player, how much money comes back after one cycling of sum on average
  • Bonus feature: A feature that is in a slot game in addition to basic rolling i.e bonus game or free spins
  • Starter bonus: Free money to play with or free spins. Sometimes without deposit, usually with the first deposit
  • Quick Withdraw: A service offered by casinos to get the player his/her winnings quicker. Usually relatively cheap
  • Autoplay: A feature that allows the player to run the slot for multiple rounds with one click

This gambling guide starts with simple questions that are often asked by new players. This section will help a player get started and ready for the world of slots online. In Canada, you can gamble rather freely online. There really aren’t any harsh restrictions in place. In this section, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about online gambling including opening hours, profitability and compatibility viewpoints, fairness and impartiality is also addressed.

About nodepositslots.ca

This gambling guide and much more is offered for the slots game connoisseurs of Canada by nodepositslots.ca, a site dedicated to spreading correct information for gamblers and others interested in games involving bets. The site is filled with reviews and other texts about casinos that are all worth a read. The reader can even learn something very profitable if they catch a good offer early. Overall the reviews will be about games, casinos and other things related. In addition to this, there is also a huge deal of guides and other informative texts that help players to advance their game to the absolute max.

Are online casinos always open?

Online casinos usually never close. International casinos are always open, and most of the local ones are too. Some casinos abroad do block depositing during the night, but this really doesn’t touch Canadian players at all. Most casinos are closed only during scheduled maintenance or critical errors. Mostly casinos never shut down, and are always accessible. In the rare occasion of scheduled maintenance, they are usually closed for no more than an hour at a time.

Can I make money online gambling?

It is highly possible to make a fortune playing money games online, but gambling is always slightly risky and therefore unreliable form of income. This applies to all forms of gambling usually. Of course, professional internet poker players exist, but it is really uncommon to have games as a profession. It is, however, possible to play for fun and make a profit on the side. This means that to make money, the player must stop early and not feed the possible wins back to the casino.

Can I play at online casinos using a Mac?

Macintosh has never had a problem with supporting online gaming software. Especially now that the games are browser-based, excluding internet poker. Poker usually has a Mac client available so there is no OS exclusivity there either. Regular slots games are playable even on mobile devices and not at all restricted by the users operating system. Mac is as usable as Windows for online fun with slots and similar games.

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